Santa Bootcamp Movie News | Release Date, Cast, Video Sneak Peek (2022)

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Update: November 13, 2022

The official sneak peek video for Santa Bootcamp has been released. Watch the video, learn the release date, cast, and much more about this Lifetime movie starring Emily Kinney.

The release date for Santa Bootcamp is Saturday, November 19.
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Official Sneak Peek Video

This is an image from the Sneak Peek video Santa Bootcamp

Lifetime has uploaded the sneak peek video for Santa Bootcamp and you can watch it here.

Santa Bootcamp Overview

Event planner Emily Strauss (Emily Kinney) is hired by Ed Mancini (Patrick Cassidy) a shopping mall tycoon, to host a huge Christmas event for his biggest investors. To find the perfect Santa and the inspiration she needs for the event, Emily heads to Santa Bootcamp. While at Santa Bootcamp, Emily meets tycoon mischievous but kind-hearted drill sergeant Belle (Rita Moreno), who helps Emily rediscover the magic of Christmas and romance.

Directed by Melissa Joan Hart. Written by Michael J. Murray.


  • Emily Kinney as Emily Strauss
  • Rita Moreno as Belle
  • John Schuck as Chris
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur as Patti
  • Justin Gaston as Aiden
  • Deanne Bray as Olive
  • Patrick Cassidy as Ed Mancini
  • Valerie Jane Parker as Caroline
  • Javon Everett as Bootcamper
  • Lindsey Shope as Lynn
  • Tucker Wilkerson as Jack
  • Michael Mazzeo as Gino
  • Zyra Singleton as Charlotte
  • Gary McGuire as Ben

On Social Media

Below are recent Instagram posts from Melissa Joan Hart, Emily Kinney, and Justin Gaston about Santa Bootcamp.

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