Return To Amish New Season TLC 2023 News | Preview Video Trailer, Cast, Overview, Release Date

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March 06, 2023

TLC's Return To Amish reality television series is back for a new season in 2023. TLC has released the official preview video trailer for the new season. Get the latest news, watch the preview, learn the permiere date, stars of the show and more.

The new season of Return To Amish premieres Tuesday, March 14 at 10 PM East/9 PM Central.

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Return To Amish Stars

These are some of the stars of the new season of Return To Amish.

  • Kenneth Detweiler
  • Fanny Schumaker
  • Johnny
  • Daniel Miller
  • Rosanna Miller

Return To Amish New Season 2023 Preview Video

TLC has released the official preview video for the new season of Return To Amish 2023.

Return To Amish Overview

Return to Amish is a reality television series that follows the lives of former members of the Amish and Mennonite communities as they adjust and navigate the challenges of modern life outside their religious communities, in the "English" world.

The series explores a range of issues, including adapting to technology, coping with addiction and mental health struggles, building new relationships, and reconciling with family members who remain in the Amish or Mennonite communities. Viewers follow the cast members as they embark on new adventures, try to find their place in the world, and confront the challenges that come with leaving everything behind.

The show has been praised for its honest portrayal of the complexities of leaving a religious community and starting over in the modern world. Overall, "Return to Amish" provides a compelling glimpse into the lives of those who have left the Amish and Mennonite communities and the unique challenges they face as they try to build a new life outside their former way of life.

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