Instant Dream Home Premiere Date Scheduled For August, Preview Video Released

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Updated: August 11, 2022
The countdown has completed for the Netflix reality series Instant Dream Home starring Danielle Brooks. Instant Dream Home premiered on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.
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Instant Dream Home Overview, Stars and Episode Description

Deserving families get the surprise of their lives when their dilapidated homes are completely renovated in just 12 hours by a team of top-notch builders. Hosted by Danielle Brooks.

The Series Stars:

  • Danielle Brooks
  • Adair Curtis
  • Paige Mobley
  • Nick Cutsumpas
  • Erik Curtis

Episode #1: A beloved family home is reworked to make it more accessible for a grandmother-to-be suffering with vision loss and add more space for the new baby.

Episode #2: A backyard schoolhouse is dropped in by a crane to upgrade a couple's home for their five kids.

Episode #3: A firefighter EMT is the first in his family to own a home but wishes for a home suitable for himself, his partner and mom.

Episode #4: More room and less clutter is the wish for a couple with nine kids but a rainstorm interferes with the redesign plan.

Episode #5: The team come up with a lofty plan to make a stylish couple's home equally as stylish by creating a fun-packed backyard wonderland.

Episode #6: A single mom and her kids get more space. The yard is revamped with flowers and an outdoor theater.

Episode #7: A creative family's late 80's home gets a new look, new light and a new art studio.

Episode #8: Months after a family's contractor abandoned a project that was in the middle of a renovation, their dream house gets new life and will be completed in one day.

Official Preview Video

This is the preview video for Instant Dream Home.

Screen Shot Pictures

These are some screen shot pictures from the preview video.

This image is a screen shot picture from Instant Dream Home.
This image is a screen shot picture from Instant Dream Home.
This image is a screen shot picture from Instant Dream Home.
This image is a screen shot picture from Instant Dream Home.
This image is a screen shot picture from Instant Dream Home.

On Social Media

People connected to Instant Dream Home are posting about the series on social media. Below are posts made by Danielle Brooks, Adair Curtis, and Paige Mobley.

Quick Facts: Danielle Brooks is best known for her long-running character Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson on the highly acclaimed Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black.

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