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Update: February 4, 2023

A preview for Welcome to Valentine has been released. Watch the preview, learn the premiere date, cast, plot and much more about this Hallmark Channel romance movie starring Kathryn Davis as Olivia and Markian Tarasiuk as George.

The premiere date is Saturday, February 18, 2023 at 8:00 PM ET.

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Welcome to Valentine is part of Hallmark Channel's Lovuary new movie lineup that begins with Sweeter Than Chocolate on Saturday, February 4, then A Paris Proposal on Saturday, February 11. The final two movies of Lovuary are Welcome to Valentine on Saturday, February 18 and Made for Each Other on Saturday, February 25.

Welcome to Valentine Preview

Below is the official preview video for Hallmark Channel's Lovuary where you get a quick look at Welcome to Valentine starting at 13 seconds then again at 22 seconds. Following this is the official preview video for Welcome to Valentine.

Welcome to Valentine Plot

Olivia's sister Vanessa, who still lives in their hometown Valentine, Nebraska, introduces her to George after losing her boyfriend and her job right before Valentine's Day. George takes her on a cross country road trip that has them questioning their priorities.

Welcome to Valentine Production Information

Welcome to Valentine Movie was filmed around the Ottawa, Ontario area. NG Times reported that some of the movie was being filmed in the small town of Kemptville, located a few miles south of Ottawa. The production company for this movie is 1Department Entertainment Services.

The following is contact information for 1Department Entertainment Services.

1Department Entertainment Services
1827 Woodward Dr #302
Ottawa, ON
K2C 0P9

Phone: +1 613-263-0416

Vice President & Production Producer: Caitlin Delaney.

Email: caitlindelaney@gmail.com

Quick Fact: Valentine, Nebraska is located in northern Nebraska near the South Dakota border and has a population of approximately 3,000.

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