Countdown to Fright Club Season 2 Episodes

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The countdown is underway for the television series Fright Club Season 2 on The Travel Channel and discovery+ starring Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers. The first Fright Club Season 2 episode is scheduled to premiere Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 10pm/9c.

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Fright Club Season 2 Overview

Fright Club returns to resume their paranormal-themed competition to creep each other out with the most instense paranormal videos they can find.


  • Jack Osbourne
  • Dalen Spratt
  • Juwan Mass
  • Marcus Harvey

Official Preview

This is the preview video for Fright Club Season 2.

Jack Osbourne on Twitter

Jack Osbourne has been heavily involved in the paranormal world for many years. You can see what's going on right now with Jack's various paranormal projects on his Twitter feed embedded below.

Related Videos

Want to learn more about what happened on season 1? The videos below feature clips and information.

"Fright Club" discovery+ Premiere Promo

Jack Osbourne & Ghost Brothers Featuring Tony Ferguson

Jack Osbourne & Ghost Brothers Poltergeist Closes Steel Door

On Social Media

People connected to Fright Club Season 2 are posting about the series on social media. Below are posts made by Jack Osbourne, Dalen Spratt and Travel Channel.

Quick Fact: Fright Club is produced by Painless Productions, a production company based in Los Angeles.

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