Lainey Wilson News and Countdown to Bell Bottom Country Album

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We are counting down the days until the new Lainey Wilson album Bell Bottom Country is released on Friday, October 28, 2022. Learn all about this album and stay up-to-date.

An image of Lainey Wilson album Bell Bottom Country.

Bell Bottom Country News

Lainey Wilson will be releasing her sophomore album Bell Bottom Country on October 28th through BBR Music Group. And good news is that the album can pre-ordered. Lainey Wilson has shared two singles from the upcoming album, they are "Watermelon Moonshine" and "Heart Like A Truck".

This is the track listing for Bell Bottom Country:
  • Hillbilly Hippie
  • Road Runner
  • Watermelon Moonshine
  • Grease
  • Weak-End
  • Me, You, and Jesus
  • Heart Like a Truck
  • Atta Girl
  • This One's Gonna Cost Me
  • Those Boots (Deddy's Song)
  • Live Off
  • Wild Flowers and Wild Horses
  • What's Up (What's Going On)

Music Videos For Watermelon Moonshine and Heart Like A Truck

You can check out the music videos for the singles Watermelon Moonshine and Heart Like A Truck below.

Watermelon Moonshine

Heart Like A Truck

Lainey's Reactions On Social Media

Below are posts made on social media about Bell Bottom Country made by Lainey Wilson soon after the date of the album's release was revealed.

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