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Jessica Andrade Umuarama, Brazil Home Town, Facts

Learn about Umuarama, Brazil, the home town of Mixed Martial Arts champion Jessica Andrade. See where this talented athlete grew up plus more interesting facts.
Jessica Andrade performing

Umuarama is located in southen Brazil, in the northwest part of the state state of Parana and has population of 110,000.
Umuarama Brazil

"Umuarama" means "sunny place to meet friends".

Some other notable people born in Umuarama are: Caroline Correa, Gilson Fukushima, Henry Trevisan, Joao Aparecido Bergamasco, Leonardo Litwinczuk Alves, Rafael Rodrigues de Araujo, Raissa Santana Rogelio, Silvio Favero, and Zeca Dirceu.

The city has an Eiffel Tower replica, which is 10% the size of the actual Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Jessica Andrade now resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Jessica Andrade

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