YouTube Exercise Gurus Share Their Tips For Burning Fat mid-October 2019

Ocotber 17, 2019
Celebrity Detective Steve

By Celebrity Detective Steve

YouTube weight loss gurus Sydney Cummings, Jenn Cesva, and Heather Robertson share their fat burning examples for mid-October 2019. I provide an overview of these exercises they have shared in order to help you quickly find an idea that's best for you.

We start with Sydney Cummings, a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sydney takes us through a fat burning workout that often targets abs along the way. She incorporates the use of a light dumbbell for some of these exercises.
YouTube weight loss guru Sydney Cummings shares fat burning tips

The video is 43 minutes long, and very quick-paced so it's definitely not for beginners that hope to keep up and still do these exercises properly. Keep in mind though that everyone has to start their fat burning fitness journeys going slow, knowing that this level is attainable if you dedicate yourself to it. A big plus is that she switches routines often during the video which is a good way to keep participants interested.

Sydney Cummings has an extensive background in athletics, and was member of the WVU track & field team, specializing in the high jump. She joined YouTube in 2016 and has over 163,000 subscribers.

Next up is Jenn Cesva, a stay-at-home mom who uploads videos on helpful cleaning, fitness/workout, cooking, and income ideas. She joined YouTube in 2013 and has over 47,000 subscribers.
YouTube weight loss guru Jenn Cesva shares fat burning tips

The fat burning routines in Jenn's 13-minute video (embedded below) are a better fit for people looking to get results but aren't quite ready for an hour of hopping and jumping. These routines work abs/core with good old fashioned leg raises and planking. This is a very good reminder that you can burn body fat with low impact routines as well.

Last but not least, a HIIT (High-intensity interval training) exercise video brought to you by certified personal trainer and fitness model Heather Robertson. This is a low impact version of HIIT but it does require the use of dumbbells at times.
YouTube weight loss guru Heather Robertson shares fat burning tips

I'd say this workout is a perfect fit for the intermediate level participant because there is no jumping during the 33-minute video but HIIT is still HIIT even when it's toned down a little.

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