Tiana Kaylyn Makes and Ingenious Red Bell Pepper Sandwich

Tiana Kaylyn's ingenious red bell pepper sandwich is ideal for people on the go. This healthy meal can be made in just a few minutes.

You will need: red onion, turkey breasts, spinach, munster cheese, and of course a red bell pepper.

Tiana Kaylyn's prepares a healthy meal.
Tiana Kaylyn's prepares a healthy meal.
Tiana Kaylyn's prepares a healthy meal.
Tiana Kaylyn eating healthy!

Red Bell Peppers
Red bell peppers are absolutely loaded with vitamin C. In fact, a red bell pepper has twice as much vitamin C than an orange. You can get all of the vitamin C you need for an entire day from just one red bell pepper. This superfood is also high in vitamin B-6. Red bell peppers are green peppers that have ripened.

Tiana Kaylyn Celebrity Facts

Tiana Kaylyn joined YouTube in May of 2018 and already has over 13k subscribers. She often vlogs about fitness and lifestyle related matters on her channel. The San Diego, CA resident also has over 47k Instagram followers.

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