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"Training every day for 30 years is difficult. Then I also think someone is out there working really hard and there's a poster on their wall of me and they're working to beat me. With that I get up I go. Every day I'm sore but that's the life I chose so there's obviously days I don't feel like training but there's no day that goes by that I feel like losing." -Serena Williams on what motivates her to be the very best.
Picture of Serena Williams with the words WEIGHT LOSS BEAUTY FASHION INSPIRATION

Serena Williams, the greatest female tennis player in the history of the sport had to work very hard to achieve greatness. These six enhanced high quality slideshow images prefectly reveal her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Five of these images are from Serena Williams' Twitter page: and one is from her Instagram page: I've optimized the images to bring out the most detail and placed them into an automatic video slideshow to make them more viewer-friendly. To begin the slideshow, simply click the play button on the video. Note: This slideshow is hosted on the Celebrity Detective Health and Fitness YouTube channel Located Here.

Bonus Fitness Motivation
In this video, Serena Williams gives comedian Kevin Hart a brief look at some of the exercise routines she uses to achieve a high level of health & fitness.

It's incredible to realize Serena Williams won her first professional singles match title in 1999 at Open Gaz de France in Paris, and over 20 years later she is still playing top level tennis. And despite beoming a mother later in her career and handling all of the work and responsibility that goes with it. To daye, Serena has won a record 23 Grand Slam titles.

Quick Health Tip
For a very healthy source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, consider eating salmon. Protein is important for muscle repair and omega-3 fatty acids are believed to be beneficial for heart health. Salmon is also is loaded with B vitamins, especially vitamin B3 and vitamin B6, where you can get roughly 50% of your daily recommended intake of these with a 3.5 ounce serving.

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Picture of actress Margot Robbie's teeth.
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