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October 23, 2019
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By Celebrity Detective Steve

"I've only been eating three meals a day" ... "so what I've been doing is just three meals a day and making them bigger." -Megan McCullom on her current approach to eating for strength and conditioning.
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Here we take a very close look at Megan McCullom fitness, fashion and healthy lifestyle. The Los Angeles-based food and fitness star frequently shares her healthy lifestyle pictures and video tutorials on social media. New super-enhanced Megan McCullom images are embedded below. These images have been magnified to bring out the most detail and placed together as part of an automatic video slideshow to make them more viewer-friendly. Enjoy!

Healthy Lifestyle Meal Ideas
In this video, Megan McCullom shares her healthy lifestyle meal ideas for October. These meals start off with a breakfast smoothie.

Quick Health Tip
A monounsaturated fat known as oleic acid reduces inflammation and may even have a postive reaction on genes that are linked to cancer. Oleic acid is found in vast abundance in olive oil.

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Picture of actress Margot Robbie's teeth.

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Fitness & Food
Jennifer Hudson offers weight loss advice. It's about portions and balance. She carefully manages the amount of food she eats per serving.
I know that I can eat anything I want and still lose or maintain my weight. It's about portions and balance.
-Jennifer Hudson

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