Lady Gaga Weight Loss & Beauty Inspiration 2019

October 22, 2019
Celebrity Detective Steve

By Celebrity Detective Steve

"I would like to be remembered for the message behind Born This Way. I would like to be remembered for believing that people are equal. I would like to be remembered for being courageous and different." -Lady Gaga
Picture of Lady Gaga with the words Fitness Inspiration

Here we take a very close look at Grammy Award-winning singer and performer Stefani Germanotta, much better known as Lady Gaga, for weight loss and beauty inspiration. These nine enhanced high quality slideshow images prefectly reveal her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

I've magnified these images of Gaga to bring out the most detail and placed them together as part of an automatic video slideshow to make them more viewer-friendly. To begin the slideshow, simply click the play button on the video. Note: This slideshow is hosted on the Celebrity Detective Health and Fitness YouTube channel Located Here.

Five of these images are from Lady Gaga's Instagram account, in 2019, two are from her music video for Perfect Illusion, one is from the music video for Million Reasons, and another from an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel in 2019.

The video below a compilation from Pop Crush featuring some of Lady Gaga's dance routines over the years that have undoubtedly played a big role in her physical fitness.

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