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Kelly Rowland Fitness Inspiration

October 5, 2019
By Celebrity Detective Steve

"When I work out that's my time for self; that's my time to pour into myself physically, mentally." -Kelly Rowland
Picture of Kelly Rowland with the words Fitness Inspiration

If you didn't know what Kelly Rowland did for a career, you would probably guess she was an Olympic track althlete long before correctly guessing top-selling recording artist. Fitness has been an important part of Ms. Kelly's life for many years. In 2013, she teamed up with her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins to release a workout instructional video titled Sexy Abs With Kelly Rowland. Now in 2019 she's even ventured into activewear, offering an assortment of athletic-style clothing as part of a partnership with Fabletics, a company co-founded by Kate Hudson.

This one-minute Kelly Rowland fitness inspiration video says it all. Results!

Kelly Rowland posted this brief workout video to Instagram showing her focusing a set on lower body toning by using weight-resistence equipment.

Quick Facts: Kelly Rowland was born in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, February 11, 1981. She has sold over 90 million albums total - 60 million as a member of the legendary musical trio Destiny's Child and 30 million as a solo artist. She has been a judge on the two of the top talent competition television shows: X Factor - US and UK (previous judge) and The Voice - Autralia (current judge).

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