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"Remember why you're doing it, and do it for yourself, don't do it for anybody else because if you like it, that's what matters." -Ingrid Andress' advice on handling rejection and staying focused during tough times.
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These seven enhanced high quality slideshow images prefectly reveal country music singer/songwriter Ingrid Andress' commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Image Source Instagram: and Twitter: I've magnified the images to bring out the most detail and placed them into an automatic video slideshow to make them more viewer-friendly. To begin the slideshow, simply click the play button on the video. Note: This slideshow is hosted on the Celebrity Detective Health and Fitness YouTube channel Located Here.

Ingrid Andress was born in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She moved to Nashville after getting her degree in songwriting and performance, and undergoing a mentorship with acclaimed songwriter Kara DioGuardi. She once appeared on NBC's singing competition The Sing-Off. In 2019 she released the hit "More Hearts Than Mine" through Atlantic / Warner Records Nashville.

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Best Wishes and Stay Healthy!

Celebrity Detective Steve

By Celebrity Detective Steve


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