Carly Donovan has figured out how to help women lose weight faster by pairing two ordinary desert spices you probably already have in your kitchen. Click here to read more.

10 Celebrity Workouts to Motivate You!

Here are ten celebrity workout tweets that will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. Let these celebrities motivate and inspire you to reach your fitness potential with their physique pictures and workout videos they have posted to Twitter.

Hugh Jackman is working abs with a fitness ball. Don't let the apparent ease in which he does this exercise fool you, it's anything but easy!

Lauren Giraldo shares a video of her ultra fit body after dedicating time to treadmill workouts.

Grayson Dolan is a celebrity who clearly understands how to get results with specific workout concepts, as this physique picture illustrates.

The Rock - Dwayne Johnson is the perfect example of rock solid strength from head to toe as a result of insanely intense workouts.

Fantasia uses a rowing machine and bench press in these video segments to help her achieve a whole new level of strength and fitness.

Tony Horton has dedicated his life to exercising. This long handstand at the age of 61 is a testament to how much exercising has improved his strength, conditioning and stamina.

Debbie Gibson works her glutes in high heels! This approach seems to be an attempt at humor, however, Debbie is in great shape so she must be doing something right. Futhermore, it's been said that you get better results when make your workout sets as difficult as possible.

Chris Hemsworth shows us that even intense fitness workouts in the scorching sun can be fun!

Cheryl Ladd starred in the hit television drama series Charlie's Angels 40 years ago, but as this comparison photo shows, she seems to have nearly stopped the aging process.

Billy Horschel is htting the gym for some great overall strength & cardio sets. This can only have positive for his golf game as those swings at the end of the video demonstate!

Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation: Must-See Carly Donovan Pictures
This picture reads Carly Donovan fitness motivation.
Click here to see Carly Donovan's amazing before and after pictures!

Why Are Women in Japan Slim and Live so Long?
Japanese woman in a purple dress standing and gazing into the distance
Why do women in Japan have an astonishing average life span of 87 years of age? The mystery surrounding Japanese female health & longevity could be solved. Weight loss expert Carly Donovan reveals that one of the secrets to fat loss and increasing life expectancy is food & flavor pairing. She began her quest to understand Japanese female health & longevity after suffering a health emergency caused by obesity. Ultimately she was able to lose dozens of pounds, regain her shapely figure, and most importantly regain her health by using the methods she learned and now teaches. To read the complete article please click here.

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