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Celebrity Detective Steve

Do you need some inspiration and motivation to take your fitness to the next level? You're in the right place! Celebrities are the reason I decided to begin strength training at the age of 14. Little did I know at the time that watching an action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger would inspire and motivate me to pursue physical fitness for a life time.

Here we take a very close look at shapely celebrities to help inspire us to achieve our weight loss, fitness and beauty goals. These enhanced high quality slideshow images prefectly reveal how serious many celebrities are about their physical fitness. Simply click on a celebrity name from the list below. The most recent additions to this list are posted at the top.

Vicky Justiz // Kylie Ross // Meggan Grubb // Megan McCullom // Daniella Perkins // Kelly Ripa // Kelly Ripa // Lady Gaga // Katy Perry // Larsa Pippen // Romee Strijd // Halle Berry // Julianne Hough // Ariana Grande // Kelly Rowland // Brandon Curry // Carly Donovan // Camila Cabello // Rihanna // Ellie Goulding // Emma Chamberlain // Cydney Gillon // Fantasia Barrino // Kim Kardashian // LeBron James // Merijn Schoeber // Drake //

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