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Picture of Lizzo's shoes
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By Celebrity Detective Steve
Here we take a very close look at celebrity footwear. See what trendy brands and styles of shoes, high heels, and boots celebrities are wearing.

Michelle Stafford / Anna Kendrick / Kristen Bell / Miranda Lambert / Mariah Carey / Gigi Hadid / Dolly Parton / Alicia Silverstone / JoJo Siwa / Clare Crawley / Kelly Clarkson / Margot Robbie / Brie Larson / Charlize Theron / Taylor Swift / Selena Gomez / Gwen Stefani / Emily Hampshire / Kaley Cuoco / Katie Holmes / Elisabeth Moss / Dua Lipa / Zendaya / Vanessa Hudgens / Chloe Bennet / Harry Styles / Tayshia Adams / Addison Rae / Julianne Hough / Maren Morris / Jay-Z / Adriama Lima / Becky G / Emma Chamberlain / Billie Eilish / Lizzo /

Katy Perry /

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Picture of Lizzo shoes

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Jennifer Hudson offers weight loss advice. It's about portions and balance. She carefully manages the amount of food she eats per serving.
I know that I can eat anything I want and still lose or maintain my weight. It's about portions and balance.
-Jennifer Hudson

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