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Do you have unclaimed money? There is a very good chance you or someone you know is entitled to a sum of money that is ready to be claimed, and I can show you how to find it in this tutorial.

Finding unclaimed money won't require much effort at all and you don't have to pay a fee to access this information. That's right, you can start your search immediately and completely free of charge. I will provide you with some helpful tips to assist you in the process. Please note that my expertise is finding unclaimed money in the U.S. so this tutorial only applies to the U.S., but I am aware of unclaimed money being found and recovered in other countries as well.

Over the years I have found unclaimed money for myself, a brother, grandparents, and friends. Interestingly, even many celebrities have unclaimed money.

You will want to begin your search at the state agency that receives unclaimed money and property, commonly referred to as the state treasury. These agencies maintain an unclaimed property database on their website that the public can use to conduct searches.

This unclaimed money and property most often comes in the form of:
  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Checkings & Savings Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Paychecks & Salaries
  • Safe Deposit Box Contents
  • Utility Deposits
The holder of unclaimed money and tangible items, such as a bank for example, is required to turn it over to the state if the owner does not claim it after a certain amount of time has passed. Once the funds are delivered to the state, the online database is updated with this information for the public. By far, these state databases are where I have had the most success finding unclaimed money. In my case, I discovered money I was entitled to after closing a credit card account.

Below is an example of an unclaimed money search using the state of New York's unclaimed database for the name Jonathan Doe. Tip: Notice how I have entered only an initial for the first name Jonathan. In this example, Jonathan Doe is also known as John Doe and Jon Doe, therefore, searching for Jonathan Doe might exlude results for this person. Keep in mind that you could also search for all possible first-name spelling variations if you wish. For women, maiden names should also be searched as well as hyphenated last names that reflect marriage.
An example of an unclaimed money search from New York state's unclaimed database
Now, if there is an address in the search results that matches one of Jonathan Doe's known addresses, then a successful match can be confirmed.

Typically you won't be shown the amount of the unclaimed money being held until you fill out the online form the agency provides. Often the amount is under $100 but I have located larger amounts. Even if the amount is rather small, my advice is to complete the form and claim it anyway because you never know when that money could come in handy.

I have collected links to all of the state-based unclaimed databases in the U.S. and listed them below. This list also includes Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam. Be sure to search your current state of residence for unclaimed money and all of the states where you have resided and have conducted business. If you are unable to locate unclaimed money in your name with the links below, it's very likely that friends or relatives will have unclaimed money, so feel free to search for them or share the link to this tutorial with them.

My mission is to make everybody aware that they could have money ready to be claimed. If you find the information that I have provided here helpful and would like to support my efforts, you can make a donation to me through PayPal by clicking on the button below.
It's also very likely someone you knows has an unclaimed money check waiting to be sent to them so remember you can also search for people you know and tell them if they have unclaimed money, and send them the direct link to this important information.
Click on the button to copy the URL link text from the text field then paste the link (ctrl+V) wherever you wish to share it. Share with friends, parents, grandparents, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, co-workers, etc.
Best wishes and much success to you!

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