Countdown To of The Eddy on Netflix

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By Celebrity Detective Steve

The countdown has begun for the musical drama miniseries The Eddy on Netflix. The series is scheduled to premiere Friday, May 8, 2020.
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Stay up-to-date and learn rare facts about The Eddy on Netflix when they become available.

The Eddy Synopsis: This miniseries will be set in Paris and have eight episodes total. The main stars are: Andre Holland (as Elliot); Udo Joanna Kulig (as Maja); Amandla Stenberg (as Julie); Tahar Rahim (as Farid); Leila Bekhti (as Amira); and Melissa George as (Alison Jenkins).

The following is the official Twitter feed for Netflix. Note: The most recent activity is posted at the top by default so you will want to use the scroll bar to see previous activity. A little bit further down you can watch the official trailer for The Eddy.

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This is the official trailer for the Netflix miniseries The Eddy:

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