Countdown To Season 7 of The 100 on The CW Network

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The countdown has begun for season 7 of The 100 on The CW Network, scheduled to premiere Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 9:00 pm!
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Stay up-to-date and learn rare facts about The 100 Season 7.

Synopsis: The 100 is a science fiction drama series about a group of 100 adolescent criminals who are sent back to Earth on a spaceship with the hope of re-populating the planet many years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization.

Some of the main stars of the series are: Eliza Taylor (as Clarke Griffin), Paige Turco (as Abby Griffin), Marie Avgeropoulos as (Octavia Blake), and Henry Ian Cusick (as Marcus Kane).

When the confirmed season 7 episode titles become available they will be posted here.

Below are official Twitter feeds for some of the stars of the series. Note: The most recent feed activity is posted at the top by default, to see previous activity use the scroll bar.

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This is a quick clip from a season 6 episode of The 100:

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