Countdown To Premiere of Legends of the Wild on Discovery Channel

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The countdown is underway for season 1 of Legends of the Wild, starring Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann on Discovery Channel. Scheduled to premiere Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 10:00 pm.
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Stay up-to-date and learn rare facts about Legends of the Wild.

Synopsis: Legends of the Wild is a Discovery Channel series that follows adventurers Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann around the world as they investigate various mysteries of the wild.

The following are the titles so far for the season 1 episodes. More episode titles will be added as they become available so be sure to check back for new updates.
  • South American Slasher (series premiere) - Ranchers in Brazil are turning up dead, possibly resulting from an attack by a mysterious creature.
  • Blood Beach (episode 2) - Endangered Ridley sea turtles are found dead and half eaten along the beach in Costa Rica. Damian and Matt try to determine what is responsible for this Wednesday, April 8, 10:00 PM.
  • Fear in the Philippines (episode 3) - Wednesday, April 15, 10:00 PM.

Below are Instagram posts from Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann announcing the premiere of Legends of the Wild.

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ATTENTION ALL LEGENDS!! I HAVE A VERY BLOODY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!!! The wait is nearly over but the suspense is as intense as ever because in just a few days things are getting kicked up a few notches. Iā€™m incredibly proud to finally and officially announce my upcoming show, LEGENDS OF THE WILD Join myself and @matt_hoffmann_ as we travel to exotic locations, trek across harsh and unforgiving landscapes, and get up close & personal with all manner of wildlife, getting into and out of dangerous and at times life threatening situations, and even coming face to face with some of earths top predators. Episode 1 premieres in the US on April 1st on @discovery Australian air dates will be announced in the near future! Iā€™m excited beyond comprehension at the moment & my guts are going crazier than a mob of drunk cockatoos at a rock concert. šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜ #wildmanondiscovery #wildmanadventures #thewildmancometh #legendsofthewild #discoverychannel #PantanalBrasil

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To all you LEGENDS out there I have a VERY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!! Over the past 2 years I have proven to myself that hard work and persistence truly pays off. Working on a show for the Discovery Channel was a childhood dream that is now becoming reality. The suspense has been killing me withholding this from all of you the VisualAspect Crew, but I'm now proud to announce that my upcoming show LEGENDS OF THE WILD premieres on April 1st in the US on @discovery Join myself and Damian Duffy ( @wildmanadventures ) as we travel to exotic and remote locations around the world. We investigate and solve wildlife mysteries with challenges being thrown at us from every direction. Putting ourselves in dangerous situations that could quickly turn life threatening at the flick of a switch and coming face to face with some of the worlds most feared predators. I GUARANTEE this show will have you on the edge of your seats. Words can not express how excited I am for this show to air and all I can say is that THIS SHIT IS GETTING REAL....šŸ˜šŸšŸŠšŸ”„šŸŒšŸŽ¬ Australian air dates will be announced in the near future! #mkhvisualaspect #matthoffmann #discoverychannel #hitruncreative #legendsofthewild #tvshows #adventure #exciting #legendsofthewilddiscovery #pumped #legendsofthewildpremiere #premiere

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This is the Twitter feed for Discovery Channel.

You can watch a quick preview of the series and learn about the stars of the show here:

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