Countdown to Expedition Unknown Season 10 Episodes

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Updated: July 06, 2022

Listed below are the new episodes of Discovery Channel's Expedition Unknown Season 10 starring Josh Gates that began streaming May 25th on Discovery+.

Season 10 episodes:

Hitler's Buried Secrets

Josh hurries off to Poland after getting a lead about locals opening a secret Nazi tunnel system that was carved into a dormant volcano and enters to see what's inside.


Josh investigates the Bermuda Triangle's ocean floor and its skies in a quest to explain historic disappearances.

Bye Bermuda

Josh departs the Bermuda Triangle and shares his conclusions about this expedition.

English Treasure

Josh Gates travels to England and uncovers ancient English treasure while pursuing the legend of the powerful Celtic warrior queen Queen Boudica.

South American Secret

Josh uncovers secrets in the Andes of South America during investigations of the ancient civilizations of Lake Titicaca.

Lost in the Lakes

Josh investigates the very first ship lost in Great Lakes in a high-tech submersible.

Undiscovered History

Josh investigates the battles of Normandy, uncovering an enormous Nazi bunker complex hidden for 75 years.

Nazi Secrets

While on the trail of a Nazi war criminal's lost treasure, Josh meets with an expert to learn how close Hitler was to possessing an atomic bomb.

The countdown is underway for the next episode of Expedition Unknown Season 10 on Discovery Channel.
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Expedition Unknown Season 10 Episodes Overview

The Expedition Unknown reality television series starring Josh Gates is entering its 10th season. Airing on Discovery, we join explorer Josh Gates as he takes on some of the biggest mysteries of our time. In past episodes, Josh Gates has investigated mysteries such as Amelia Earhart, D.B. Cooper, Vikings in America, Stonehenge, Chupacabra, and the Bermuda Triangle.

Josh Gates on Twitter

I've embedded Josh Gates' Twitter account activity here so you will be aware of new information that he shares.

Trailer For Expedition Unknown Season 10

I've posted the trailer for this season below. Looks like Josh Gates will be delivering action to the extreme yet again this season.

This is the official trailer for Season 10 of Expedition Unknown where you can get a quick glimpse at the new episodes:

Immediately following the first episode of Expedition Unknown Season 10 is the debut of Season 5 of the spinoff reality series Expedition X. The show is hosted by Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres. Jessica Chobot posted this message to Twitter on Friday, May 6th.

Below is Jessica Chobot's live Twitter feed:

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