Countdown to Expedition X Season 5 Episodes

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The countdown is now underway for the television series Expedition X Season 5 on Discovery Channel on Discovery+ starring Phil Torres and Jessica Chobot. The first episode for Season 5 of Expedition X is scheduled to premiere on May 25, 2022.
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Expedition X Season 5 Episodes Overview

Expedition X premiered in February of 2020 on Discovery Channel as a spinoff of the popular Expedition Unknown series starring Josh Gates. Phil and Jessica have now returned to launch more expeditions into the paranormal for a 5th season in 2022. The show is narrated by Josh Gates. In previous seasons the duo have traveled the world to investigate mysteries such as the Mothman Phenomenon, UFOs, The Jersey devil, Lake Champlain monster, and Haunted places.

Season 5 Trailer

Jessica Chobot has posted the trailer to Expedition X Season 5 to Instagram:

Phil Torres and Jessica Chobot on Twitter

Twitter account activity for these stars is embedded below so you can stay up-to-date on new information about this show.

Related Videos

The two videos below feature clips from the Expedition X's very first episode called "Curse of the Old West Outlaw." Phil and Jessica look into stories of ghost hauntings in the very small town of Nevada City located in southwestern Montana.

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