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Tiger Woods
Martina Hingis
Justin Timberlake
Andre Agassi
Enrique Iglesias
Anna Kournikova
JC Chasez
Stephen King
Dan Marino
Jerry Springer
Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi
Charles Barkley
Gloria Estefan
George Steinbrenner
Tracy McGrady
George Strait
Donald Trump
Sylvester Stallone
Hulk Hogan
Garth Brooks
Venus & Serena Williams
Ken Griffey Jr.
Chuck Norris
Joey Fatone
Darrell Waltrip
Julius Erving
Wesley Snipes
Steve McNair
Rena Mero "Sable"
Shaquille O'Neal
Cristina Saralegui
Oscar De La Hoya
Wade Boggs
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Jamal Anderson
Rafael Palmeiro
Kirstie Alley
Sarah Connor
Joe Namath
Woody Harrelson
Monica Seles
John Elway
Martina Navratilova
Evander Holyfield is pleased to offer an exciting and very rare opportunity for you to see the homes of many celebrities. See Gloria Estefan's $10 Million home located on Miami Beach's exclusive Star Island; Stephen King's $9 Million ocean-front home located on Casey Key in Sarasota, Florida; Garth Brooks' Edmond, Oklahoma ranch home, plus many more!


Usher - Alpharetta, Georgia | Enrique Iglesias - Miami Beach, Florida | JC Chasez - Winter Park, Florida | Stephen King - Sarasota, Florida | Jerry Springer - Sarasota, Florida | Dr. Phil - Irving, Texas | Gloria Estefan - Miami Beach, Florida | George Strait - San Antonio, Texas | Donald Trump - Palm Beach, Florida | Sylvester Stallone - Beverly Hills, California | Hulk Hogan - Belleair, Florida | Garth Brooks - Edmond, Oklahoma | Chuck Norris - Dallas, Texas | Joey Fatone - Orlando, Florida | Wesley Snipes - Orlando, Florida | Charlie Pride - Dallas, Texas | Rena Mero "Sable" Geneva, Florida | Cristina Saralegui - Miami Beach, Florida | "Stone Cold" Steve Austin" - San Antonio, Texas | Sarah Connor - Orlando, Florida | Paul Wight "The Big Show" - Tampa, Florida | Woody Harrelson - Beverly Hills, California | Kirstie Alley - Los Angeles, California | Justin Timberlake - Orlando, Florida | Rush Limbaugh - West Palm Beach, Florida


Oscar De Lahoya - Los Angeles, California | Jamal Mashburn - Miami Beach, Florida | Tiger Woods - Orlando, Florida | Andre Agassi - Las Vegas, Nevada | Anna Kournikova - Miami Beach, Florida | Dan Marino - Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Charles Barkley - Phoenix, Arizona | George Steinbrenner - Tampa, Florida | Tracy McGrady - Orlando, Florida | Jelena Dokic - Wesley Chapel, Florida | Venus & Serena Williams - West Palm Beach, Florida | Ken Griffey Jr. - Orlando, Florida | Martina Navratilova - Sarasota, Florida | Shaquille O'Neal - Miami Beach, Florida | Darrell Waltrip - Franklin, Tennesee | Wade Boggs - Tampa, Florida | Monica Seles - Sarasota, Florida | Don Shula - Miami Beach, Florida | Emmit Smith - Dallas, Texas | Nick Bollettieri - Bradenton, Florida | Tony Dorsett - Dallas, Texas | Alonzo Mourning - Miami, Florida | Casey Jacobson - Phoenix, Arizona | Martina Hingis - Wesley Chapel, Florida | Mike Tyson - Paradise Valley, Arizona | Joe Namath - Tequesta, Florida | Rafael Palmeiro - Arlington, Texas | Julius Erving - Longwood, Florida | Steve McNair - Nashville, Tennessee | Jamal Anderson - Duluth, Georgia | Jack Nicklaus - West Palm Beach, Florida

America's Wealthiest People

Carl Linder: Lead Owner of the Cincinnati Reds - Cincinnati, Ohio | Chris Sullivan: Co-founder and Owner of Outback Steakhouse - Tampa, Florida | Robert Basham: Co-founder of Outback Steak House - Tampa, Florida | Michael Dell: Founder and CEO of Dell Computers - Austin, Texas | Neil Kiefer: President and CEO of Hooters Restaurant - Tampa, Florida | Mark Cuban: Owner of the Dallas Mavericks - Dallas, Texas | Lowry Mays: CEO of Clear Channel Communications - San Antonio, Texas

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