Dr. Anna Marie - brief bio plus Joppa, Maryland home and community profile

TV health expert Dr. Anna Marie (Anna Marie Chwastiak) achieved her Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine Degree at Temple Medical School in Philadelphia, PA in 1992. Her medical career would lead her to Long Beach Memorial Hospital, in Long Beach, New York, where she would intern. Dr. Anna Marie's surgical training was completed at Community Medical Center, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She would later study at the Institute of Orthopedics Galeazzi, in Milan, Italy, and the Institute of Orthopedics Rizzoli, in Bologna, Italy.

Dr. Anna Marie began her TV career at NBC affiliate KHON-TV in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has worked as a TV medical reporter and producer for over ten years. Dr. Anna Marie has become a more familiar face to TV viewers over the last few years due to her weekly show Your Life with Dr. Anna Marie, as well as her daily Forecast For Health Reports, seen on the Weather Channel.

Dr. Anna Marie now resides in the small port community of Joppa, Maryland where she owns a $500,000 two-story waterfront home which includes a swimming pool, boat dock, and 2,100 square feet. Built in 1971 Anna Marie purchased the home in August of 2000 for $263,000. Joppa, Maryland is part of the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Dr. Anna Marie's home in Joppa, Maryland
Dr. Anna Marie's home in Joppa, Maryland.

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