Nick Carter house profile - pictures, rare facts and information about Nick Carter's home in Franklin, TN and home sales

In December of 2006, Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys purchased this home in west Los Angeles for $1.2 million. Nick would go later sell the home only nine months later for $1,320,000.

Nick Carter's former Los Angeles home

Nick's former Mediterranean-style L.A. home offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a very spacious master suite, two-car garage and a subtropical garden in the rear.

In June of 2006 Nick purchased a three bedroom, four bathroom home in Parkland, Florida for $1,323,500. In 2009 Nick put the home back on the market with an asking price of 1,375.000. The home is now for rent:

Nick Carter's Parkland, Florida home is for rent.

Nick Carter Buys Home in Franklin, TN

In December of 2007 Nick officially left sunny Florida for scenic, celebrity-saturated Franklin, Tennessee. Located in the Westhaven community, Nick purchased a newly-constructed home for $755,000 that offers five bedrooms, three full bathrooms and a half, and a three-car garage.

Nick Carter's house in Franklin, Tennessee.

Learn about the Westhaven community at the official web site:

Westhaven community videos:

Nick's father Bob and wife Ginger have also made some real estate moves recently. The couple have traded Central Florida in for North Georgia. Click here to learn more.


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