Suzanne Vega home profile - home pictures, rare facts and information - New York City residence

Suzanne Vega was born in Santa Monica, California but moved to New York City with her family as a toddler. Suzanne Vega is best known for her 1987 hit "Luka" and her 1990 hit "Tom's Diner"(DNA remix).

In early 2007, Suzanne Vega paid $1,587,000 for an apartment in New York City. Vega's Upper West Side unit has three bedroom, two bathrooms, den, chef's kitchen, hardwood floors, and 1,850 square feet.

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Suzanne Vega's home in New York City.

In February of 2006, Suzanne Vega married Paul Lance Mills, a lawyer and a poet. Vega and Mills met at the folk club Gerde's Folk City, in Manhattan in 1981. The couple stayed in touch and wed not long after Mills returned to New York after practicing law in California.

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