Gloria Estefan's Miami Beach, Florida home - Casa de Gloria Estefan - Learn all about the place Gloria Estefan calls home

Star Island is a man-made island located in the city of Miami Beach, Florida. Completed in 1922, Star Island is considered one of the most exclusive areas of Miami Beach, and since 1986 has been home to Gloria Estefan and her record producer husband, Emilio.

The Estefans' $10 Million home is actually comprised of two homes, boasting six bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a swimming pool, tennis court, and 15,547 square feet.

Star Island also falls within The Key Biscayne Aquatic Preserve which is approximately 75,000 acres of state-protected submerged land.

Click here for an aerial photo of Star Island.

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Gloria Estefan c/o Estefan Enterprises
420 Jefferson Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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