David Archuleta's home profile - house photos, rare facts and info about David Archuleta's home in Utah and Florida

David Archuleta was born on Friday, December 28, 1990 in Miami, Florida. In 2008, David Archuleta wowed the judges of American Idol and millions at home with powerful performances week after week. Archuleta's talents would earn him a spot in the finals of American Idol and and a recording contract with Jive Records.

Way back in December of 1991, long before the fame, one-year-old David moved into a modest townhome in Davie, Florida which his parents purchased for $67,400. Located in the Las Palmas subdivision, David Archuleta's former home offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,408 square feet.

David Archuleta house Florida - pictures of house
David Archuleta lived in this Davie, Florida townhome.

The Archuletas moved to Utah in 1997 and eventually sold the townhome in late 1997 for $81,000.

David Archuleta and family now live in a two-story brick home in Murray, Utah which they purchased in October of 2003. The home has seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, and four fireplaces.

David Archuleta home - picture of David Archuleta's house in Murray Utah near salt Lake City
David Archuleta's home in Murray, Utah.

David Archuleta released his self-titled debut album in late 2008. The album sold an impressive 183,000 copies in its first week.

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