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In January 2000 former Major League Baseball left fielder Bobby Abreu signed his fist multiyear pro baseball contract while playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, which netted him $14.25 million over three years. In early 2001 Abreu used just over $500,000 of that on a five-bed, five-bath, 4022 square foot home in Orlando, Florida. In early 2002 Abreu agreed to a massive $64 million, five-year extension, and in July of the same year he purchased a 4847 square foot home on 1.60 acres in Marlton, New Jersey for $1.5 million. Just a few months later in early 2003 the 2x All-Star purchased another Florida home, this time settling on a five-bed, five-bath 4149 square foot home near Miami in the town of Golden Beach for $755,000, bringing his home collection total to three. In April 2005 Abreu added a fourth home to his collection when he paid $3,869,350 for a 1762 square foot luxury condo in Midtown Manhattan, which he would go on to sell nearly five years later for $5.1 million.

Bobby Abreu house Orlando, Florida - house pictures
Bobby Abreu purchased this Orlando, Florida home in 2001.

Bobby Abreu house Marlton, New Jersey - house pictures
In 2002 Bobby Abreu paid $1.5 million for this home in Marlton, New Jersey.

Bobby Abreu's house Golden Beach, Florida - house pictures
In 2003 Bobby Abreu purchased another Florida home, this time in the town of Golden Beach.

Bobby Abreu house New York City - house pictures

Bobby Abreu house New York City - house pictures
Bobby Abreu's former condo in Midtown Manhattan.

In addition to his two All-Star game selections Bobby Abreu won the Silver Slugger Award winner in 2004, the Gold Glove Award in 2005, National League player of the month winner (May 2005 - Phillies), American League player of the month winner (July 2009 - Angels), and reached the 30-30 club in 2004.

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Celebrity Detective Steve

By Celebrity Detective Steve

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